I am an Italian illustrator “made in Naples”.
For several years I lived in Turin,
city where I graduated with a Bachelor in Communication and Graphic Design.
After graduation I lived few months in New York City,
enough time to fall in love with the city and come back in Italy to do what I love: to draw.
Ironic, sometimes irreverent, I’m always curious and constantly hungry of new ideas (or just hungry).
Anyone who knows me knows that I really just can’t hide what I think,
so human rights,  the society’s inconsistencies and injustices of our times
are the most recurring themes in my illustrations.


2018 3×3 Professional Show – Honorable Mention
American Illustration 37
Annual “Autori di Immagini” – Silver Award
3×3 Professional Show – Honorable Mention
2017 Annual “Autori di Immagini”
2016 Italianism Contest
2013 UnReported Contest
2011 GOOD 50X70


2017 Autori di Immagini – Annual 2017, Laboratorio Formentini, Milano, Ottobre 2017
Italianism Conference, Palazzo della Farnesina, Roma, Giugno 2017
Italianism Conference, Roma, Ottobre 2016 – 10 Parole Design Contest